D.I.Y Flower Frame

Watch below how i made a flower frame for my shop. I was inspired by my dad who told me to frame my sign. I felt like that was gonna be doing too much bc i didn't know how to cut wood, and I was not about to pay what Michael's wanted to frame it. So i thought, maybe if i used a foam board but Dollar Tree didn't have any so i used a foam poster board. I cut the side down to fit my sign and left room on each side. I bought faux lilies  and roses trimmed them and placed them all along the edges. That's it!! You can click below to see what i used in the video and how i started. It's a fancy way to spruce up anything hanging if you don't want a dull boring wood frame. It's also a very budget friendly creation.  Click Here To Watch  Stay tuned because I will be posting the end results SOON!!!

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