How Do You Recharge With Healing Crystals??

Hello My Fancies

 I know I haven't written a post in a while. These past few months have been really busy. I miss my fancies. I had to shut the online store down briefly to recharge. Sometimes we have to take time to recharge and refocus. I lit my sage and used my healing crystals while taking time out to focus on my manifestation list. I used this time to write in my journal and write out new ideas. Not to mention I dug deep into my meditation videos.

 In that time I learned so many things on how to manifest, how to keep my energy healing crystals near. I made sure to wear my healing crystals necklace  and kept my healing crystals all around me often to balance my energy out. Recharging my mind and spirit was much needed. I had to try and get my chakras all in sync in order to get this recharge. 

 I advise anyone who needs a recharge to take the time and gather yourself and focus on getting your thoughts and energy together. 


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  • Sheryl/Aka/Storm

    I received my healing stone and just knowing it is for the purpose of supporting my healing and balancing reminds me to keep it close to my body at all times. Peace and blessings 😉❤

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